Welcome to the Dior Project

The Dior Project is dedicated to educating people more about Dior, a fantasy world. The main ongoing projects are the Tel project, describing the world of Dior, and the Diarenyai project, teaching the languages of Dior. Lai Diarenyai Dioros.

As far as the Tel project is concerned, little can be done until a map is available for uploading to the web. But the Diarenyai project is moving along at a fast pace with the first language, the Common Tongue, Diarenyë. Primer I in Diarenyë (or the Beginner's level) is completely uploaded, and so is Primer II, the intermediate level.

The next project in the Diarenyai project is probably the language of the Sea-Elves, or Mer People.

Besides being to teach about Dior and lai Diarenyai, the Dior Project also hopes to spread the ability to create languages. An important thing in any created language is a dictionary. The head of the Dior Project, Aaron Morse, recently wrote the HTML code for the Diarenyë dictionary, but cut out the words. If you want to, click on the link below and save the page. The dictionary has headings for A-Z in English-[Your Language] and [Your Language]-English. It also has links in each type to letters A-Z! To see an example, click here. To write words in your dictionary, click on "View" and then "source." Simply put <li> before the entry (Example: Lur -- Flower) and </li> after the entry. [Complete entry: <li>Lur -- Flower </li>]. Here is the dictionary! Save it for free!


To learn a little more about Dior, click here.

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