About Dior

Unfortunately, a map has not been made available to be uploaded, but a short description can suffice. The word 'Dior' is a rough translation from the Dwarvish Lekujard. The word Lekujard means 'World made by Speech.' The reason the Dwarvish name was chosen is because of Dwarves and Men, Dwarves had been in Dior longer.

Actually, 'Dior' comes from the mother tongue of Diarenye, and is a shortening of the longer phrase, 'Teth velra Dior.' 'Teth velra Dior' meant World made of Speech as well.

Thus, in a roundabout manner we come to the realization that 'Dior' is not the name for the world, although it is more popular. 'Teth velra Dior' is a mouthful and 'Lekujard' is unknown by many, so I will stick with Dior.

The Bay of Vard is another approximate translation of a Dwarvish word. The word is Vardisjacg -- pronounced: VAHRD-is-yahj -- and means 'Dwarves' Bay.' However, as stated before, this is a rough translation. The word Vardisjacg literally means, 'Bay of the Dwarves'' and shows that the Bay has been the Dwarves' forever, and its history is intertwined with the Dwarves'. Quite a lot for a single word, even if a triple compound. (Vard-is-jacg.)

Telos Point, on the other side of Dior means 'World's Point, World's Tip.' It was believed by common-folk to be close to an entrance to the other-world, hence the name.

Mëana is the capital city of the Mëana Kingdom, which stretches from Mëana to Hela to L'unyarbi, the Forest of Death. But into L'unyarbi it goes not. No one who enters the dim gates of the Forest lives to tell the tale. In your travels, you would be advised to stay away from the Forest.

The Dwarvish Kingdom is centered in the North-west, by Vardisjacg, in the Mountains of Dwarves'.

Once the map can be uploaded, you will be treated to it, and I will work on descriptions of the various cities. Meanwhile, learn the tongues of Dior, lai diarenyai Dioros. The first primer of Diarenye is fully uploaded, along with a dictionary and answer key, and the second primer is being started uploading. When those are done, I will start work on a primer for the Dwarvish language, Vardislek, another one of those compound words! Good luck in Diarenye, and I hope you'll stay on to learn Vardislek. If not, e-mail me with anything you write in Diarenye, or with a request for words you want invented in it. I'll do my best to answer everything.

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