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Primer I: Lesson 4: The verbs 'To stop' 'to run' and 'to start.'

i Grammar

i.i The verbs

The verb 'to stop' is stenar. Its past form is stenarai. Sten- and -ar.

The verb 'to run' is tabar. The past form is tabarai.

And the verb 'to start' is rolar.

i.ii Test

  1. What is the past tense of rolar? [Tip: model on tabarai]
  2. What is 'He who ran'? [Model on he who runs.]
  3. Translate listenarai.

Click here for answers.

ii Lisiesar

ii.i Instructions

  1. The reason most of this is so short, was because the story will be pretty long, and the translation long as well. Therefore, make sure you check yourself a lot, and are translating properly.
  2. A reminder: many of the words in this are old words, simply in new forms! The vocabulary should be very easy.!

ii.ii The Story

Lisiesar rolarai lios Carum yesar. Ma liwandarai las stanas lios carum, si omran stenarai lias. L’omran esarai Lisiazar. Lisiazar diarai, “I tiesar, mios ondu?”

“Miesar kan*, ya ti?”

“Miesar kan. Nai tirisar?”

“Miyesar mios carum.”

“Kan, kan. Sarkan**!”


Ma Liazar mazarai, Lisiesar yesarai lios carum umna las stanas. Si omran esarai temar. L’omran diarai liesarai Lisidiar. Lisiesar diarai, “I tiesar?” Ya l’omram yesarai andr las stanas.

* Bend, from the previous lesson, is formal. You say it the first time you meet someone, and then never again.

** Sarkan is the the same, you say Esar bend the first time, and Sarkan every other one.

i.iii Vocabulary

  1. Rolar -- start [verb. Past tense rolarai]
  2. Wandar -- climb [verb. Past wandarai]
  3. Si -- a [nominative article]
  4. Stenar -- stop [verb. Past stenarai]
  5. Lias -- him [accusative pronoun]
  6. Esarai -- was [past verb]
  7. Diarai -- said [past verb]
  8. Kan -- good [adjective]
  9. Risar -- do [verb]
  10. Sarkan -- good-bye
  11. Mazar -- finish [verb. Past mazarai]
  12. Umna -- at/in/on [all perpose prep.]
  13. Temar -- there

i.iv Translation

First test, translate the story into English.

Now, write your own story involving the words you have learned so far in the four lessons. Email me here with your story.

GOOD LUCK! AND --- Risar kan!

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