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Diarenyë Pronounciation

i The Vowels

The vowels of Diarenye are a, e, i, o, and u.

/a/ is pronouced ah as in fAther.

/e/ is pronounced ay, as in dAY. Or e, as in tEll. When there are two e's in a line, the first is pronounced AY, the second E. E is also used before a single consonant followed by a long (/a/,/o/, /u/) vowel.

/i/ is pronounced ee as in sEE, or i as in Ill. Same rules apply as to /e/, except that EE is given before a single consonant before a vowel.

/o/ is pronounce oe as in tOE.

/u/ is pronounce o as in tOmb.

ii The Consonants

You will find most consonants the same. The notation * is used if it is pronounced as in English

B -- *
C -- Always hard k sound.
D -- *
F -- Always the soft f as in soFt.
G -- Always the hard g sound, voiced k for linguists, as in Game for others.
H -- Keep as English breath-H, never ich-Laut or ach-Laut. (German pronounciations.)
J -- Very rare, *
K -- *
L -- *
M -- *
N -- *
Ny -- Hard to explain. Instead of pronouncing as two separate consonant (An + ya) try to move the N back with your tongue to make it one sound. This is only at the begining or second sound places, at the end pronounce seprately.
P -- *
R -- *, although touch the tongue slightly to the top of your mouth while saying. Slightly, Do not trill.
S -- *
T -- *
V -- *, never pronounce like f.
W -- *, although never modifies vowels. No 'ow' sound.
Y -- *
Z -- *

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