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Lesson 10: Review

i Grammar

This is the mid-primer II review test. The test will mix the questions from each lesson up, so that it will be a little harder, but don't worry. You should have this stuff down pat.

  1. Decline stane in nom, acc, gen, dat, singular and plural.
  2. Translate: "I go to my house, because I went to the market."
  3. Translate: "I climbed the mountain, to go to my house, and I went to the house of you."
  4. Translate: "They went to her, we went to them. I played with them, they had tattered clothes. The king was unhappy, because I played with them."
  5. L'atlen esar tebendsa, ma nifrolar ya omaringyum ya grestum hedum. L'atlen esar tebendsa. Are we playing A.) with children with tattered clothes, or B.) with children with nice clothes.

Check your answers!

ii Grestacol

This will have the entirety of the Grestacol story up till now. Translate it into English. Check your answers, then (if right) write your own short story, and e-mail it to me at morse aa2 @ aol . com. If wrong, check what was wrong, and if you know that, fine, if you don't remember the problem, review it in the lesson.


Ma sa rolar, temar esar si atlen ya si atlan, ya l’atlan ablar te omaringyas, ya iesar tebendsa. Iesar tebendsa il iablar te sias catelas, ya idiar se leesar mela umna las ceras yate omaringyas.

L'atlan diar se, ne l'atlen liar omaringya, litrenar ablar lai omaringya kalanos lios lebar ya lum atlanum. L'atlen ridar leesar sias bendas ridas, ya iablar dras oringyas umna las ceras

Si lath ma l’atlen felarai nor ios rest, lilestai ios dras oringyas frolar ya sias ingas oringas, ya grestum hedum. L’atlen tabarai andr lum oringum.

“Inge Oring,” l’atlen diarai, “sa esar le cera. Titrenar te frolar rami!”

"Niregarai ias rami, frolar ya nium!" Los atlenos onringya diarai. Ya ditabarai lum grestum oringyum.

"Laf tistenar te frolar mias, ne dikenarai laias yodyas mios arde ablar," diarai le inge oring.

"Tios arde esar?" Regarai l'atlen, "Ya iablar nai yodyas?"

L'omaring decsai sium orum umna las cafalas. "Ne iliar, mios arde trenar edar orya i ablar omaringya, ma tens zalar."