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Primer II: Lesson 8: Verbs 2

i Grammar

i.i The Past Tense

The past tense is formed by attaching the suffix -ai onto the verb. Example: limazarai, he finished. However, this isn't universal! When you have a consonant cluster (more than one consonant sound) before the verb suffix -ar, the -ar is dropped. Thus 'he had' is liablai, NOT liablarai!!

i.ii The Plural Pronouns

The plural pronouns: we and they, are ni and di. Thus 'they are' is diesar. These are, again, easy to remember. (Very much like Romance pronouns.)

i.iii Test

  1. They ran forward[onward]
  2. I go, you went, we ran
  3. They stopped us. We stopped them. You stopped me.
  4. I walked up the mountain
  5. They walked down the mountain


ii Tatterhood

ii.i Instructions

  1. You will notice that the stories are getting harder, this is because you are now expected to learn the grammar, not just the vocabulary.
  2. Because of this, read through it a lot! These lessons are meant to be done one a day, so don't rush!

ii.ii Tatterhood

Si lath ma l’atlen felarai nor ios rest, lilestai ios dras oringyas frolar ya sias ingas oringas, ya grestum hedum. L’atlen tabarai andr lum oringum.

“Inge Oring,” l’atlen diarai, “sa esar le cera. Titrenar te frolar rami!”

"Niregarai ias rami, frolar ya nium!" Los atlenos onringya diarai. Ya ditabarai lum grestum oringum.

ii.iii Vocabulary

  1. Si -- One
  2. Lath - Day
  3. Felar -- Look
  4. Nor -- From
  5. Rest -- Window
  6. Frolar -- Play
  7. Inge -- Little
  8. Grestum hedyum -- tattered clothes[dative]
  9. Trenar -- Can
  10. Rami -- Here
  11. Regar -- Ask
  12. Nium -- Us [dative]

Continue with Leson 9, and find out how to go to something!