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Primer II: Lesson 14: Nouns IV

i Grammar

i.i The Superlative

The superlative is generally "st" in English. The fields are the greenest. Lai domya esar le pen vagre. The correspondent to "st" in English is "pen." "Le pen vagre." Before an "n" or "m" the n on the end of pen is dropped, resulting in pe'. "Wise" is "nal" in Diarenyë. Thus "the wisest" is "le pe'nal."

i.ii The Test

  1. Translate:
    1. The wisest man is the worst.
    2. The wisest man is the best king
    3. Mios domya esar le pen vagrai domya. Tios domya esar le pen yetya domya
    4. I, that am the best man in the world, say this, 'No man wiser than me can be.'

Check your answers!

ii Grestacol

ii.i Instructions

Follow all previous instructions

ii.ii Grestacol

"Esar te lid," diarai l'ora, men ieqai umna las rocas, 'mios ardal esare pe run so mi." Ya leesar. Le drar arding esarai pe run so le sir.

Lai dra ardalya esarai so cayar so lof diesar, ra diruar alambras. Rema si esarai, l'ala esarai. Ra le sir ablai las keningas "Grestacol", il iesarai atol ya umna ias rocas. Ias hedya esarai mer dimra, ya ias col grest. Te omran, ya te ora, lof vikar ias umna tedimra votya.

ii.iii Vocabulary

  1. Lid -- Sorry
  2. Men -- While
  3. Ardal -- Sister
  4. Run -- Pretty/fair
  5. Drar -- Second
  6. Cayar -- Different
  7. Ra -- But
  8. Ruar -- Love
  9. Alambra -- Each other
  10. Ala -- Other
  11. Kening -- Name
  12. Atol -- Strong
  13. Mer -- Always
  14. Dimra -- Dirty
  15. Col -- Hood
  16. Vikar -- Force
  17. Vot -- Dress