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Primer II: Lesson 13: Verbs 4

i Grammar

i.i Adverbs

Adverbs in Diarenyë are simply adjectives. The word "wista" is used both as cautious and a cautiously. L'atlen azarai wista umna las simaras. Mikesar umna las wistas atlen.

i.ii The Subjunctive

The participle "would" is translated as "laf." It is put before the verb. Laf tiablar kesarai? Would you have come? Ne miesarai ti, laf miablar yesarai umna mios halas. If I were you, I would have gone to bed.

i.iii The Test

  1. If I was you, I would have said, "How are you" not "Be gone."
  2. If I was you, I would have gone forward cautiously. I am more cautious than you.
  3. You! More cautious than me? I went forward cautiously, you say you would have gone forward cautiously, if you had been me.
  4. Good-bye, I cannot speak with you more!

Check the answers

ii Grestacol

ii.i Instructions

Great job! You are doing so well, I am sure. Tirisar bend, miridar. Keep up the good work! Follow all the previous instructions.

ii.ii Grestacol

L'atlen risarai nai l'ora diarai, ya umna le dol andra le hal, esarai dra lur. Si esarai vagre, ya cyur; ya si esarai sian, ya bend. Sias sianas luras imanarai. Leesar pe bend so gala! Il leesar bend, imanarai las vagras luras, ya idiarai, "Miridar te letrenar esar laman!"

Bel l'atlen rolarai ablar sias omaringas. Sir sias oringas vetar ye omarai. Sa oring esarai cyur. Iablai sias miras lopas, ya ireqar umna sias rocas! Ma iesar umna las telas, idiarai sias daringas, "Arde!"

"Ne miesar tios arde," diarai l'atlen, "Ator ai mium motlar mios tra!"

ii.iii Vocabulary

  1. Risar -- Do
  2. Dol -- Morning
  3. Sian -- Pink
  4. Manar -- Eat
  5. Laman -- Bad
  6. Sir -- First
  7. Vetar ye omarai -- was born
  8. Mir -- Wooden
  9. Lop -- Spoon
  10. Reqar -- Ride
  11. Roc -- Goat
  12. Tel -- World
  13. Daring -- Word
  14. Ator ai mium motlar -- God let me change
  15. Tra -- Self

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