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Lesson 6


  1. Miyesar, tiyesar, ya liwandar
  2. Ikesar, miyesar, ya tiesar
  3. Liesar temar, miyesar temar. Iesar te temar, tiyesar te temar.


Si atlan esar bendsa, ma si atlan ablar sias catelas. Sa atlan ablar te sias catelas. Sa atlan esar bendsa? Te, sa atlan esar tebendsa.

Si atlen ablar sias atlanas. Si atlen esar bendsa yate si atlan? Te, si atlen esar bendsa ya sium atlanum.

Si atlan ya si atlen esar bendsa ya omarinyum. L'atlan ya l'atlen esar tebendsa. L'atlan ya l'atlen ablar te omaringyas.

Lesson 7

  1. Miablar sias vagras caras
  2. Tiwandar sios vagros omranos stanas
  3. Tiesar umna las caras sios omranos
  4. Livelir sias caras, ya leesar lios cara [the accusative follows the clause. To be cannot take the accusative.]
  5. Tiesar mios

Lesson 8

i Grammar

  1. Ditabarai na
  2. Miyesar, tiyesarai, nitabarai
  3. Distenarai nias. Nistenarai dias. Tistenarai mias.
  4. Miazarai abra las stanas.
  5. Diazarai andr las stanas.

Lesson 9

i Grammar

  1. Lai atlenya diar, 'I tiesar' laium ingyum oringyum.
  2. Lai atlenya tabar laium oringyum, ma nifrolar ya ingyum oringyum ya grestum hedum.
  3. L'omran diarai 'Sarkan' laium oryum, ya dium omaringyum.

Lesson 10

  1. Stane, Stanas, Stanos, Stanum, Stanya, Stanyas, Stanyos, Stanyum
  2. Miyesar mios carum, il miyesarai lum cafalum
  3. Miwandai las stanas, yesar mios carum, ya miyesarai lum carum tios
  4. Diyesarai ium, niyesarai dium. Mifrolarai ya dium, diablai grestas hedas. L'atlan esarai tebendsa, il mifrolarai ya dium.
  5. A.)


When this begins, there is a king, and a queen, and the queen has no children, and she is unhappy. She is unhappy because she has not a family, and she says that it is lonely in the palace without children.

The king says that, if the queen wants children, he can have the children of his family stay with the king. The queen thinks it is a good idea, and she has two girls in the palace.

One day when the queen looked from her window, she saw her two girls playing with a little girl, with tattered clothes. The queen ran down to the girl.

"Little girl," the queen said, "this is the palace. You cannot play here!"

"We asked her here, to play with us!" The queen's girls said. And the ran to the tattered girl.

You would not stop me playing, if you knew the powers my mother has," said the little girl.

"Your mother is. . .?" Asked the queen, "and ye has what powers?"

The child pointed to a woman in the market. "If she wants, my mother can tell women how to have children, when everything fails."